4th International Caparica Christmas Conference on Sample Treatment 2020

30th November – 03rd December 2020 | Caparica | Portugal

Oral Speakers

Michele Protti, PhD

Affiliation: Pharmaco-Toxicological Analysis Laboratory (PTA Lab) Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (FaBiT) Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna (Italy)

Title: Advanced microsampling and LC-MS/MS for the monitoring of patients with neurodegenerative disorders.

Igor Zenkevich, PhD

Affiliation: St. Petersburg State University, Institute for Chemistry (Russia)

Title: Discrimination effects at split injection into Megabore capillary columns. Contemperary understanding.

Arnaud Lubin, PhD

Affiliation: Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium)

Title: A flexible nano- and microliter injection system for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry: minimizing sample preparation.

Rodrigo Papai, PhD

Affiliation: IPT (Brazil)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Maria Soledad Cárdenas-Aranzana, PhD

Affiliation: University of Córdoba (Spain)

Title: Synthesis of nanoparticle-based hybrid monoliths and their potential in microextraction techniques.

Paul Abbyad, PhD

Affiliation: Santa Clara University (USA)

Title: Microfluidic Platform for Label-Free Sorting of Enzymes and Cells.

Marcos Soto-Hernandez, PhD

Affiliation: Colegio de Postgraduados (Mexico)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Jean Berthier, PhD

Affiliation: University of Washington (USA)

Title: Open-Channel Microfluidics.

Wolfgang Vautz, PhD

Affiliation: ISAS, Dortmund adn ION-GAS GmbH, Dortmund (Germany)

Title: Sampling and Analysis using GC-Ion Mobility Spectrometry.

Pavel Kuban, PhD

Affiliation: Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

Title: Analysis of dried blood spots by direct coupling of liquid phase microextraction to capillary electrophoresis.

Grégoire Herzog, PhD

Affiliation: CNRS-Université de Lorraine (France)

Title: Electrochemically modulated liquid-liquid extraction for sample enrichment.

Huwei Liu, PhD

Affiliation: Peking University (China)

Title: Solid phase microextraction coupled to ambient mass spectrometry for food analysis.

Jorge Pereira, PhD

Affiliation: CQM, Madeira University (Portugal)

Title: Ultrasound-assisted microextraction as an improved approach for the isolation of biogenic amines from foodstuffs.

Tomáš Vrzal, PhD

Affiliation: Research Institute of Brewing and Malting (Czech Republic)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Bin Hu, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University (China)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Juan Luis Benedé, PhD

Affiliation: University of Valencia (Spain)

Title: Use of nanomaterials for the determination of cosmetic-related compounds.

Laura Anfossi, PhD

Affiliation: University of Turin – Department of Chemistry (Italy)

Title: Non-spherical gold nanoparticles: a versatile colorimetric probe for aggregation-based assay and point of need testing.

Atanu Das, PhD

Affiliation: CSIR National Chemical Laboratory Pune (India)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Stefany Grutzmann Arcari, PhD

Affiliation: Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC) (Brazil)

Title: Volatile composition of Merlot red wine and its contribution to the aroma: optimization and validation of analytical method.

Jean-Christophe Garrigues, PhD

Affiliation: CNRS-IMRCP Laboratory (France)

Title: Extraction and analysis of pesticides in polyphenol-rich matrices by SFE, modified QuEChERS and organogel based methods: comparative study.

Teresa Esteves, PhD

Affiliation: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)

Title: New PBI-adenine adsorber for API post-reaction stream purification.

Michal Kohout, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (Czech Republic)

Title: Chiral separation of synthetic cathinones in gradient ultra-performance supercritical fluid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry with a gradient flow of make-up solvent.

Cecilia Cristea, PhD

Affiliation: University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Krzysztof Goryński, PhD

Affiliation: Bioanalysis Scientific Group, Faculty of Pharmacy, Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Poland)

Title: Determining the most important criteria of sampling and sample preparation applied in prohibited substances analysis from saliva.

Ana Paula Silveira Paim, PhD

Affiliation: Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Letícia Costa, PhD

Affiliation: Uiversidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Marcela Slováková, PhD

Affiliation: University of Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Title: Immobilized enzyme technologies in protein phosphorylation and its analysis.

María Carmen Garrigós, PhD

Affiliation: University of Alicante (Spain)

Title: Il-based advanced techniques for the extraction of value-added compounds from natural sources and food by-products.

Irina Timofeeva, PhD

Affiliation: Institute of Chemistry, Saint Petersburg State University, RU-198504 Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Title: Simple and highly-available microextraction techniques using menthol.

Giacomo Siviero, PhD

Affiliation: GNR s.r.l. (Italy)

Title: Dedicated sample treatment strategies to enhance detection capabilities of Total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.

Andrei Shishov, PhD

Affiliation: Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)

Title: Applications of deep eutectic solvents in sample preparation: Features and limitations.

Andrey Bulatov, PhD

Affiliation: St.Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry (Russia)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Christina Vakh, PhD

Affiliation: St.Peterburg State University (Russia)

Title: Application of primary amine-based supramolecular solvents  for the analysis of biological fluids.

Federica Rossella, PhD

Affiliation: EU-Openscreen ERIC (Germany)

Title: EU-OPENSCREEN: Enhancing biochemical research.

Ofélia Anjos, PhD

Affiliation: Instítuto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (Portugal)

Title: Vibrational Spectroscopic techniques applied to physicochemical characterization of honey.

Roman Rodriguez Maecker, PhD

Affiliation: Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas – ESPE (Ecuador)

Title: Identification of terpenes and essential oils by means of static headspace gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry.

Mats Larsson, PhD

Affiliation: Stockholm University (Sweden)

Title: Long-term human metabolite of dehydrochloromethyltestosterone.

Encarnacion Moyano, PhD

Affiliation: University of Barcelona (Spain)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Ana Protić, PhD

Affiliation: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy (Serbia)

Title: Significant molecular and complex association descriptors in QSRR modelling of Green Liquid Chromatography using β-cyclodextrin mobile phases.

Michele Ghidotti, PhD

Affiliation: European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Belgium)

Title: Determination of trace elements profiles by ED-XRF spectroscopy: a new validation strategy for organic matrices and applications to discriminate their geographical origin and botanical variety.

Alisa Pautova, PhD

Affiliation: Federal Research and Clinical Center of Intensive Care Medicine and Rehabilitology (Russia)

Title: Microextraction by packed sorbent of phenolic metabolites from biological fluids.

Sanda Rončević, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Title: Multi-analytical profiling of archaeometallurgical samples – A new insight into ancient materials.

Hanneli Du Plessis, PhD

Affiliation: University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

Title: Simple deep eutectic solvent based extraction methods for determination of arsenic in fish.

Taiki Miyazawa, PhD

Affiliation: Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Japan)

Title: Simplest and label-free determination of intra- and extra-cellular vitamin C dynamics by HPLC-DAD.

Magdalena Biesaga, PhD

Affiliation: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry (Poland)

Title: Application of molecularly imprinted polymers for bisphenols extraction from food samples.

David Jaime Cocovi Solberg, PhD

Affiliation: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (Austria)

Title: SPE: Online, automatically renewable and integrated in-omic workflows.

Ivona Lhotská, PhD

Affiliation: Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic)

Title: On-line solid phase extraction using molecularly imprinted polymers and nanofibers coupled to high performance liquid chromatography.

Tae-Young Kim, PhD

Affiliation: Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)

Title: High-Throughput Measurement of Lipid Turnover Rates Using Partial Metabolic Heavy Water Labeling.

Nomvano Mketo, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, College of Science and Engineering and Technology, Florida Science Campus, University of South Africa, Johannesburg (South Africa)

Title: Environmentally friendly ultrasound-assisted extraction of rare earth elements in coal samples prior to spectrometric determination.

Sara Erasmus, PhD

Affiliation: Food Quality and Design Group, Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands)

Title: Handhelds for food authentication in the fight against food fraud.

Wagner Pacheco, PhD

Affiliation: Fluminense Federal University (Brazil)

Title: Development of an analytical methodology for chemical profile of cocaine seized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gilson Quinaglia, PhD

Affiliation: CETESB – Environmental Company of Sao Paulo State (Brazil)

Title: The latest advances in Chemical Analysis of Waters at CETESB.

Witold Postek, PhD

Affiliation: Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)

Title: A precise and accurate microfluidic droplet dilutor.

Miguel Erenas, PhD

Affiliation: University of Granada (Spain)

Title: Fast and easy-to-use µTAD for creatinine determination in urine.

Georg Hempel, PhD

Affiliation: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (Germany)

Title: Simplified Sample Collection, -Transport  and -Storage for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Small-Molecule Drugs.

Giulia Di Rocco, PhD

Affiliation: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Title: Molecular and cellular FRET-based detection for protein-ligand engagement: the case of PDE5.

Ana Novak, PhD

Affiliation: Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, University of Barcelona (Spain)

Title: Sample preparation for simultaneous determination of phytosterols, cholesterol, and squalene in parenteral lipid emulsions.

Victoria Shpacovitch, PhD

Affiliation: Leibniz Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften ISAS e.V. (Germany)

Title: Avaliable soon.

María Teresa Siles Cordero, PhD

Affiliation: University of Malaga (Spain)

Title: Avaliable soon.

María del Mar López Guerrero, PhD

Affiliation: University of Malaga (Spain)

Title: Development of an on-line MSPE-ICP-OES method for the preconcentration and speciation of Cr(III)/Cr(VI) in aqueous samples..

Mariella Moldovan, PhD

Affiliation: Dept. Physical and Analytical Chemistry; University of Oviedo (Spain)

Title: New analytical approaches based on the coupling of Gas Chromatography to Mass Spectrometry for the quantitative characterization of energy- and environmental-related samples.

João Fábio Turco, PhD

Affiliation: Midwestern Parana State University (Brazil)

Title: Could antioxidant capacity and flavonoid content of ethanolic extracts of geopropolis from Brazilian native bees be estimated from digital photos and NIR Spectra?

Aikaterini Maria Zisopoulou, PhD

Affiliation: University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Czech Republic)

Title: Prevalence of equine herpesvirus 2 (EHV-2) in equine ocular disease.



Title: Avaliable soon.